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94th ANNUAL REPORT OF THE REGISTER OF COPYRIGHTS For the fiscal year ending September 30 1991 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS / WASHINGTON / 1992 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 10-35017 ISSN 0090-2845 Key title: Annual report of the Register of Copyrights For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, US. Government Printing Office Washington, D.C. 20402 CONTENTS OVERVIEW: A YEAR OF IMPROVED PUBLIC SERVICE 1 OFFICE OF THE REGISTER OF COPYRIGHTS 2 FEE INCREASE FOR COPYRIGHT SERVICES 3 BERNE IMPLEMENTATION 3 Copyright Automation Group 4 Cataloging Division 5 Examining Division 6 Information and Reference Division 9 Licensing Division 11 Receiving and Processing Division 12 COPYRIGHT OFFICE STUDIES 13 Patent-Copyright Laws Overlap Study 13 Digital Audio Broadcast and Cable Services Study 14 Registrability of Costume Designs 14 Registration of Claims to Copyright in Architectural Works 14 CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES 14 Definition of Cable Systems 14 Electronic Funds Transfer 14 COPYRIGHT OFFICE REGULATIONS 14 ‘Amended Litigation Statement Form 14 Special Handling and Expedited Service 15 Statements of Account and Filing Requirements for Satellite Carrier Statutory License 15 Adjustment of the Syndicated Exclusivity Surcharge 15 Effective Date of Registration of Claims to Copyright 15 Group Copyright Registration of Serial Publications 15, ‘Computer Software Lending by Libraries and Copyright Warning 16 Housekeeping Amendments 16 Mask Work Protection 16 Visual Arts Registry 16 PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS 16 Cable Compulsory License Specialty Station Determination 16 LEGISLATIVE DEVELOPMENTS 17 ‘Art Fraud and Plagiarism 17 Visual Artists Rights 17 Architectural Works 17 ‘Computer Software Rental 17 Fair Use 17 News Monitoring as Fair Use 18 Cable: Mandatory Carriage of Local Signals 18 Cable: Retransmission Consent 18 Cable: Telco Entry 18 Cable: Consumer Protection 18 Federal Copyright for Computer Software 19 Criminal Sanctions for Violation of Software Copyright 19 Digital Audio Tape (DAT) 19 Library Photocopying Report Requirement 20 Copyright Renewal 20 ‘Mask Works and Semiconductor Chip Protection 20 Motion Picture Piracy 20