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COM155 / COM 155 / (VERSION 4) / Week 8 DQs

COM155 / COM 155 / (VERSION 4) / Week 8 DQs

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COM155 / COM 155 / (VERSION 4) / Week 8 DQs
COM155 / COM 155 / (VERSION 4) / Week 8 DQs

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Week 8 DQs


As you revise your essay, what important components should you look for?

During the revision stage of essay writing, it is good to evaluate the strength of your arguments and the development of your thesis. At this point, you should look for weaknesses in your arguments and determine if these weaknesses arise from lack of supporting details or from flaws in the writing itself. If these arise from lack of supporting details, you have to do more research to add relevant materials such as findings of research studies or important statistics. It is also good to look for important updates on your resource materials or on your essay topic, so that you can provide the most current information possible. This is especially useful if you are writing about

It does not help you. or in topics relating to the current socio-political climate. as the writer. Readability refers to the organization of your essay. avoid using high polluting words in an effort to sound intelligent. it determines if there is a smooth transition in the flow of your ideas. readability and clarity of your essay. Clarity can refer to your choice of words. Week 8 DQ2 What is the difference between revising and editing? Which do you struggle with the most? Why is it difficult to do both at once? Which should be done first and why? The revision stage checks for the fundamental stuff. may not be able to provide. it determines if your arguments are fallacious or invalid. It checks the logic. A third party can offer an unbiased opinion on the quality of your paper that you. It would be good to have a third party evaluate your draft as you make the revisions. The logic of the essay evaluates the strength of your arguments. then you have to rewrite this part of your essay. . The golden rule is simplicity.topics that have fast-paced information turnover like breakthroughs in medical research. You should choose words that are easy to understand. If the weaknesses in your arguments arise from flaws in writing.

In revising. you might become emotional and defensive. In contrast. otherwise. spelling and formatting errors. you are looking for fundamental mistakes like invalid assertions or haphazard presentation of facts. It is not advisable to do revising and editing together to save time.Editing is done after revision because it is the polishing stage of the paper. you simply polish and clean-up your paper by correcting for grammar. you will discover it is more time-consuming to do both tasks together than separately. Week 8 DQ3 Is it important to be objective when receiving feedback? Can your objectivity— or lack of it—affect your use of feedback when revising your rough draft? How. It divides your focus and you end up missing many errors in your confusion. You do not have to do any major rewriting or adding of new materials in editing. Objectivity is required to keep your perspective. Instead. In the end. You should accept and welcome feedback. it is important to remain objective in receiving feedback. and why? Yes. I find revising more difficult than editing. in editing you are looking for “superficial” errors. If you become subjective. These are designed to help you become better writers. you will not be .

Feedback. Week 8 DQ4 There is no science to how long paragraphs should be. A good tip I received is to have three sentences per idea at the very least. You would be well served to get a third party feedback and you should consider that feedback objectively and constructively. A third party is better equipped to do an evaluation of your work. Since each paragraph should ideally . Alternatively. to ensure that your paragraphs are an appropriate length? I think finding the proper balance is the key. This is the point where the evaluation and resulting feedback of a third party becomes very valuable. If the paragraph is too long it would become too unwieldy to manage. but as a personal attack on your writing skills. when taken the correct way.able to view feedback in a constructive way. it might leave readers dangling for more information. when it is not for others. As the author of the essay. If it is too short. you might think an explanation is already very clear because you are familiar with it. can really help make your essay more readable and effective. What techniques do you use. or will you use. you cannot avoid being bias in the evaluation of your own essay.

that should be enough. As long as the argument is appropriately presented. Week 8 DQ5 What are some common transitions? How do transitions help with the flow of an academic essay? Do certain transitions affect the main point of your essay? Why or why not? . You do not want to overwhelm your reader with information. Therefore. This is the mindset I will adapt when I write my essay. Though I would not be length conscious. the focus is on the content rather than the length of a paragraph. If three sentences is the minimum. this means three sentences is the minimum per paragraph. being concise is the key that will help me avoid having too long paragraphs. what is the maximum number of sentences? I have no useful tip for this question. I will focus on the topic sentence and try to build it up in a coherent and concise manner.support one main idea in the topic sentence. I think it is prudent to be concise. I think the ideal length of a paragraph is relative.

Yes. without these bridges the reader would struggle to get from one point to another. the transitions also and likewise mean two ideas are similar. It can be seen. A good essay must use transitions within paragraphs and between paragraphs to preserve the logical flow of the essay. They are words with particular meanings that tell the reader to think and react in a particular way. They are not simply for aesthetic purpose to make the essay look and sound better. They help readers understand the logic of how your ideas fit together. For instance. the transitions hence and therefore mean a causal chain of cause and effect between two ideas. Transitions act as bridges between ideas. however and similarly. However. too. Transitions connect ideas and give cohesion to the essay. that transitions alter the meaning of an essay. therefore. also. furthermore. transitions can affect the main point of the essay.Some common transitions are additionally. .

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