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Alison’s Roast Chicken Content Creation Method

Alison’s Roast Chicken Content Creation Method

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Published by Alison Rothwell
In this document I’m giving away one of my top secrets my “Roast Chicken Content Creation Method”
In this document I’m giving away one of my top secrets my “Roast Chicken Content Creation Method”

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Published by: Alison Rothwell on Oct 14, 2012
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When I make roast chicken I’m not just making one dish.

We always have enough left over for another meal. If I was even more organised, I’m sure I could knock a sou p out of it too – and that’s before the whole making chicken stock pa-lava kicks int o play. So, when you write a piece of content, think of it as a roast chicken, and do th e following to save time and money, by making that content last a very loooong t ime: 1. Write an article on something related to your business – about 450 words is fin e. 2. Place this article in your newsletter. 3. Add it as a post on your blog. 4. Rewrite it and add to an article directory [you can do this step as many time s as you like] 5. Cut it down to about 150 words and post as a Facebook tip on your Business pa ge. 6. Chop down further to 140 characters or less and Tweet it. 7. Turn this Tweet into a graphic image and post on Facebook and/or Pinterest as a quote. 8. Video yourself reading the article and place it on your Youtube channel. 9. Strip out the sound from Step 7 and use just the audio – now you have a podcast ! 10. Turn the article into a powerpoint presentation – record it and add to Youtube , Vimeo etc An added bonus to the Roast Chicken Method is that people often have a content c onsumption preference, so by using varied delivery you are likely to reach more people than if you just stuck to audio, the written word or video. Have you got any more ideas for repurposing content? Please let me know in the c omments section below * apologies to veggies reading this – pretend I’m speaking about a super large veget able – like a pumpkin perhaps?

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