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GP Essay Guide

GP Essay Guide

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GP Comprehension & Essay Writing: Introduction Essay Writing: 1. 3 Things to CONSIDER before beginning the question: - ABSOLUTE?

Danna Thein

Does the question make an absolute stand? Eg. “If everyone took the initiative to be kind, there would be no need for courtesy campaigns in Singapore. Do you agree?” If it does, you need to challenge it in your stand. KEY WORDS?

The key words need to be defined in the context of the question as they will determine the scope and parameters of your essay. Eg. “Initiative” and “courtesy campaigns”. ASSUMPTIONS?

You need to identify the assumptions so that you can challenge them. Eg. “No one takes the initiative to be kind.” 1. Essay Question Types: - Expository: May not require a particular stand on the issue. - Argumentative: Requires a stand on the issue. 2. Essay Structure: Introduction: Body: Topic sentence: To highlight and state your main point. Explanation: To elaborate on your main point. Example: To back up your statement with evidence. Link: To show the relationship between your example, the main point, and the stand. Opening statement Interpretation of key words / phrases A specific stand

Conclusion: 3. Reiterate your stand, and sum up your argument. Recommendations or possible points to be noted can be included here. Eg. Rhetorical / Figurative Language / Analogies, quotations, or suggested solutions. Sample Questions from RJC KS Bull ’08, ’09 & ‘10: Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons. “Literature is useless in a pragmatic world.” Do you agree? Do foreigners bring more problems than benefits to your country?

GP Comprehension Questions: Understanding: Literal comprehension & Inference (10-15 marks) Vocabulary: (5-7 marks) Summary (8-10 marks) Application: Making observations, expressing critical and creative thinking through informed personal responses (7-10 marks)

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