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ETH125 / ETH 125 / (VERSION 7) / Week 6 Appendix F

ETH125 / ETH 125 / (VERSION 7) / Week 6 Appendix F

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ETH125 / ETH 125 / (VERSION 7) / Week 6 Appendix F
ETH125 / ETH 125 / (VERSION 7) / Week 6 Appendix F

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Appendix F Part I Define the following terms: Term White privilege Racial profiling Definition The advantages associated

with having white skin When police creates a file for their suspects or if they are trying to solve a case and creates a list based on their racial prejudices When someone believes he or she is the best or their race is the best in the whole world When equal opportunity is given to men and women regardless of their race, skin colour or ethnicity

Racism Reverse discriminatio n Part II

Complete the following using the MySocLab Social Explorer Map: Income Inequality by Race located on your student website: • Select 1 racial group from the list below: o o o o o • African American Asian American Arab American Hispanic American/Latino White/Caucasian

Write a 250- to 350-word summary of the economic, social, and political standings of that group. Use additional resources if necessary, from the University Library or your textbooks. Personally, I decided to summarize the political, social and

economic condition of Americans who have a background of Asian race.

more than 2. Above 24 percent of Pacific Islanders and 17 percent of Asians with a total of more than 1.According to statistics. More than 86 percent of Pacific Islanders and Asians finished secondary education at the age of 25 and above. less than 2. 84 percent are adults who graduated from high school while 47 percent of Pacific Islanders and Asians who are 25 years old and above have an academic degree.5 million are Filipino and about 2 million are composed of Asian-Indian. More than 21 percent of USA’s residents belong to the Hawaiian race (which is the biggest) followed by people from the Pacific. In this batch.000 of the population and native Samoan with 133.2 million people advanced their education after acquiring a bachelor’s degree. Hawaiian locals who comprise 401.6 million of Chinese people are Asian-American citizens. .about 9 percent of adults in this batch have a higher educational degree.000 are the biggest immigrants coming from the pacific.

negative. Pacific Islanders and Asian’s income reached $52. On the other hand.000 college teachers which are Asians. The rate of 57 percent for home ownership belongs to natural born Americans.300 Asian-Americans medical practitioners. 20. there are 89.018 which is the average income for this year 2012. In modern day of living.000 broadcasters.000 administrative managers. 2 out of 10 households have more than 4 members. 70 percent of Pacific Islanders and Asians who legally acquired US citizenship have their own residence. But. critical financial situations. good communications may suddenly change . 3. It comprises 15 percent of doctors and specialists. 26 percent of Pacific Islanders and Asians are under 19 years of age while above 64 years old only comprised 7 percent.000 attorneys. or neutral? Support your response using proper citations.US constituents are composed of 105. More than 72 percent of Pacific Islander and Asian households are composed of kin. Part III Answer the following in 150 to 250 words each: • How do racial groups interact in contemporary America? Are interactions positive. during stressful. 200 assembly members and 43. With this percentage. I believe that ethnic groups have a healthy relationship with each other all around the globe.

Just like what I heard on the news today. With my previous discussions about working with inequality. These are having a very low asset. The Black panthers distributed lots of wanted posters showing Zimmerman as a killer of child. African descendants are still experiencing disadvantages in many ways because of their race.000 gift to anyone who will capture Zimmerman. I agree that social injustices still exists. and the rate of poverty for black people is more than twice as the rate of poverty for white people. AfricanAmericans try hard for a complete sharing in the society of USA is a long way before. The news shows a rising tension between the two ethnic groups. It was even stated that Mikhail Muhammad will give $10. the rate of graduation for college level is very low and is under the usual rate. it seems that negative stories made up the top news nowadays based on may observations by watching and listening to everyday news.the Black Panther’s commander in chief pointing to Zimmerman (who belongs to a different group) a watcher who killed another man during his shift.into a bad interaction with others. • Are there existing social inequities based on race? Why or why not? Depending on the race. Mikhail Muhammad. Unlike the old days. . Even though almost 85 percent of all AfricanAmericans finished their studies in secondary school.

79). there are more than 80 White male on the boards of director. Weber [1913–1922] 1947. 3 African-Americans and more than 10 White female (Alliance for Board Diversity 2009. Groups of White people consist of the Hispanic people and the non-Hispanic people. and Europe is the place where many inherited individual culture came from.66). 2 Latinos and Asian-Americans. The fact that more than 70 percent of the 1. In addition to that. • What do you believe to be the causes of racial prejudice and discrimination in today’s society? The cause of racial injustices and prejudgment in the society today is the “conflict and fight for power concerning the majority and the minority groups”. They have a power to allocate or keep back the favorable circumstances to others. there are already federal laws regulated like the bill for equal opportunity for housing.219 individuals who play an important role for the managers of Fortune 100 companies are all White people and males which are not Hispanic is the reason why they are always been a member of the first class. Schaefer. All through the history of USA. pp. there are still inequalities going on in a landholdings place (Macionis. 2012. the buying of very pricey goods for customers was being manipulated by the higher class in the society. 2012.Although. Although this was the situation . pp. race of white people composed the majority of the population. According to Max Weber a sociologist who wrote one hundred years ago.

Minority groups have the most number in not less than half out of 100 biggest cities of United States. “above 20 per cent of the population in United States were categorized in an ethnic or racial group”. . 2010) (pp.Census Bureau. basing on the statistics of American population today. This case also exists in 3 states of America which are California. 2008. I know that it will be a big problem on this class to think of acceptance or may be a bit of hierarchy of needs’ theory by Maslow. Most of the members of ethnic and racial minorities came from Europe. Hawaii and New Mexico including District of Columbia. Class of minorities builds the extending division of the country’s people.S. In 2014.during the old days as per Macionis (2012). More states will be included to the record in the future. ethnic and racial minority groups will have the most numbers in the population of USA (U.having a similar historical background which is their common denominator.60). Texas.

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