Why SE Patterns

Social Enterprise Patterns

Kevin Teo Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

How do we learn about Social Enterprises today?
Online Profiles Case Studies Site Visits


.. list goes on

The Challenge
1. SEs are highly variegated – difficult to put existing material into context 2. Market is “thin” – not much basis to perform industry or sector based study 3. Little comparative study on the SEs that might be similar

By contextualizing social enterprises into patterns, we can improve the learning process in this field.

Benefit of Patterns

Understand invariants within patterns Explore variants within patterns Identify outliers that don’t fit patterns

Business Model Canvas

BMC for SE Patterns

Social Canvas

Commercial Canvas

From Organization Profiles
1. Create Canvases 2. Map each block to attribute taxonomy

Attribute KP

Attribute CS Attribute CH

Attribute CO

Attribute RS

Commercial Canvas

Social Canvas

To Patterns
micro credit


crowd funding

SE Patterns (beta)

SE Patterns profile

SE Pattern

What’s next?
- Go deep: further analysis into each attribute space - Go broad: identify more related orgs, more patterns - Build Community: SE Business Modelers, Case writers, Intermediaries, “New” social entrepreneurs

- Engage Social Entrepreneurs: patterns form basis of conversation between students and entrepreneurs


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