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FORM D-VH/CON For Vessel Hull Design Continuation Sheet UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE, REGISTRATION NUMBER DvH 0014/3 DATE OF REGISTRATIONPUBLIGATION May 19, 2000 CTORTRUATION SHEET RECENED. DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. FOR COPYRIGHT OFFICE USE ONLY. Meries thi 2000) Mdentitication IDENTIFICATION OF CONTINUATION SHEET: This is a continuation of the application for copyright registration on ‘of Form D-VH. Identify the ttle of the work as it appears in Space I (¢., make and model of the vessel) of Form D-H Application TH192, / 194 /,220./, 224 Lowe, Tahiti Deck Boat (2a) What is the type or style of the design for which registration is sought? A aluminum all-welded deck boat Continuation of ‘Space 2 (2b) Provide « brief gencral statement seting forth the salient features ofthe design. 19' hull with variable deadrise from 10° at transom to 15° at front of running surface with 6" variable chine; deck layout differs from design 1 of 4, design 2 of 4, and design 4 of 4 as shown. (2c) iF is design is derived from an ealicr desig, explain how that design has been revised, adapted, or rearranged. ala = : 2 {s7us.c. 5127. Ponty for faa ropresentton. Whoo" ioninghy makoe 2 tae erecnton mail acing te soba unr Ws cpl xh pure of tang eon oa ‘Sign andr tus crap nat py apna ove an S00 ana mor an S196, ond ay ogre oF pvleguat nia ay hein he aug doe Se sal betes" THI94 C¥2K)