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FORM D-VH/CON For Vessel Hull Design Continuation Sheet UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE REGISTRATION NOMBER DVH 0045/2 ‘DATE OF REGISTRATIONFUBLICATION Feb. 8, 2001 ‘TONTINUATON SHEET REE VED, JAN 22.2001 Identifcation IDENTIFICATION OF CONTINUATION SHEET: This isa continuation of the application for copyright registration on Of" Form D-VH, Idemity the title ofthe work as it appears in Space 1 (2, make and modal of the vessel) of Form D-VH Application COBRA... Bice... Prepator. seer nnenetonennmaanirocasce EERE RABE (2a) What isthe type or style af the design for which registration is sought? A UNIVE CENTER Con SoLE LEANING Post Continuation of a - Space 2 (2b) Provide a brie? general statement setting forth the saliont features of the design, Easy Acc. CONTROLS: _FRon7T Ha SEAT _ Bee FRONT OPEN To Frouipe _SToraGe / Hen Dd) _ _ EASY ACCESS 7 erecTRICAL ¢ mecHANICMe (2c) tr this design is derived from an earlier design, explain how that design has been revised, adapted, or rearranged, EE 17 US. 1327. Poraly for aa opresenaion. ec! nowy mses stove aposuatun Mail aa me cine Lode cna he prpse abi tebtaion a a ‘ign vet hate shal py apna ates nan Sara mr tan $05, 2 ay re png a nda ay Rov nha sgn anche cager shal ba eto” cant oF oF CONGR: Ss eo 1 ° £Or TORE. ‘DUH O05 /2 N22: OVH 0045/2