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Eliphas Levi - The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum

Eliphas Levi - The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum

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Published by: Aenor le Musae on Oct 15, 2012
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When the adept has provided himself with the Magical Sword and Wand, he yet needs a Magical Lamp
whose beams will chase away all the phantoms of darkness. (The Lamp is figured at p. 103 of the Rituel of
Eliphaz Levi, but does not quite correspond to the description here given.) Four metals should enter into its
composition: gold, silver, brass, iron. The foot of iron, the knot of brass, the reservoir of silver, and a golden
triangle above this, and erect in the middle; from each side springs an arm composed of three tubes of gold,
silver, and brass, twisted together; there are nine wick burners, three on each side arm, and three above the
triangle over the reservoir; upon the iron foot is engraved an Hermetic triangle, with the symbols of Mercury
above, Sol and Luna below; around the rim of the semiglobular base is fixed a brazen serpent; and above the
globular part, between it and the brazen knot, there should be an androgyne figure with male and female
heads, whose arms are stretched over the globe. Engrave diverse forms on the brass knot; and upon the silver
cup must be placed the Hexagram with the letters of the Tetragrammaton in its centre. Upon the golden
triangle above engrave a God surrounded by rays, as a symbol of the fecundity of the infinite and eternal. On
each side of the reservoir for oil, fix a ring, and hang chains to these rings−−−−one of silver, one of iron; by
these chains the lamp may be suspended, or carried by the magician. The wicks for the burners should be of
new linen threads, but dyed, the three on the right blue, the three on the left red, and the three middle wicks
gold coloured.

The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum



The Lamp should be lit from a consecrated fire, but the greatest effect arises when the Lamp burns without
wicks and without oil; lighted only by the Lux of the Universal Fluidic Agent, or by one of the material
elementals of Water.

The light of this Magical Lamp should work marvels, it should illuminate the consciences of men and women
so that you may read them, and should enable you to recognise each type of spiritual being. The magician
should not attempt any serious ceremonial until he has grasped the Wand, and illumined the Lamp; just as in
common life, if you want to walk safely in the dark, you must carry a candle and try the ground before you
with a staff.


The Tarot Trump numbered 9 is named the Hermit. It represents an aged man enveloped in a mantle leaning
on a staff, and carrying a lantern. The alloted meanings are wisdom, goodness, and morality, according to
Eliphaz Levi in his Rituel.

P. Christian writes: "In the Divine World the meaning is absolute wisdom; in the Intellectual World,
prudence; and in the Physical World, circumspection, the proper guide of human actions."

The Magical Lamp is figured by Levi in his Rituel at p. 103.

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