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Title: Powerlines Short Log-line: Q&A meets The Project © Timothy W. Humphries, 2012. C/O – Tim Ferguson HLA Management Australia 87 Pitt St Redfern Sydney, NSW Australia 2016 PH: +61 (02) 9549 3000 E-mail: hla@hlamgt.com.au


Summary Powerlines A weekly 1 hour news and a current affairs panel show for the 18-54 demographic in the 9:30-10:30 p.m. Thursday timeslot. The series is shot in studio. Powerlines will revolve around 5-6 conservative panellists drawn from a variety of professional, and academic backgrounds to discuss the issues of the day. Participants will be drawn from a variety of age groups and conservative viewpoints. Participants will be selected to provide divergent views on major news stories, social issues and political debates. Powerlines will have a well known radio/tv presenter as the moderator. Powerlines will have preselected questions and answers from the audience and web video questions. Powerlines will also have a segment at the end of the program where a series of unmoderated questions will be asked that force the panellists to provide unscripted answers. This segment will be known as “Questions Without Notice”. Powerlines will have occasional 'specials' where all audience questions are unmoderated. Powerlines will also have occasional 'specials' where the moderator is a famous person who is respected by both sides of politics and unaligned.


Curriculum Vitae Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Country: Phone: Email: Lawyer Rep's Name: Rep's Phone: Rep's E-mail: Rep's Company: Company Address: Company City: Company State: Company Zip: Company Country: Company Fax: Writing Timothy W. Humphries PO BOX 1032 BURPENGARY DC QLD 4505 AUSTRALIA TBA mothizfound@gmail.com

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