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FORM D-VH @ For Vessel Hull Design UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE REGISTRATION NUMBER DVH 0059 ‘DATE OF REGISTRATION PUBLICATION May 24, 2001 DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. (Form D-VHICON) Please give the make and model of the vessel that embodies the design. Sea-Doo LRV fe — a TITLE . . 9 (aa) WHR the ype or syle ofthe design for which registrations sought? Personal Water craft (by) Provide a brief general statement seting forth the salient features ofthe design. Desion 5 sachating dacK laren ninco bal] configuration Geeranga and shape design acheter taetana (c) this design is derived from near design, describe how that design has ben revised, adapted, or rearanged. one dosion. N/A a a te form DAMICON for dattional = = enero SSS Provide the name and address of the designer(s). The name of the employer may be given instead ofthe designer(s) if, (1) the design was made within the regular scope of employment ofthe designer(s) and (2) the individual authorship ofthe design s difficult ox impossible to ascribe. DESIGNERS) & Please check here if those condition ae satisfied and you are providing the employers name. Name: ‘Address:565, “rue dela’ Montagne Address: Valcourt, Quebec, JOE 210 z CANADA, Z an ‘If the owner is different from the designer(s) or employer named above, provide the name and address of the ower: ‘Name: 88me_as_above OWNER, IF NOT ~ DESIGNERS) in an application filed ina foreign country that extends to \O) Country: (a) "Was an application for registration of this design identified (b) ‘If yes, identify the country and date of application: cORITY © Peon filing applications in the United Stats, similar Date of application; —___ pap protection to that afforded in 17 U.S.C. chapter 132 a OYes XENo Serial No: __ —— ‘Was this design made public before the date of application? 2 Yes O No. ee APPLICATION RECEIVED _M Ay If yes, on what date? Ma 20 3999 fy eee conesnecenen MAY i DATE MADE, IGE runos necenen MAY 2 6 2000 PUBLIC TSE e CO oe