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FORM D-VH/CON For Vessel Hull Design Continuation Sheet UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE. REGISTRATION NUMBER DUH 0064/2 ‘DATE OF REGISTRATIONPUBLICATION Aug. 14, 2001 ‘CONTINUATION SHEET RECENED DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. FOR COPYRIGHT OFFICE USE ONLY. JUL 23 2001 — ae oe = 2 fae ee Identification mee OF CONTINUATION SHEET: This isa coodouaton ofthe aplication for 7 Form 'D-VH. Identify the tite of the work as it appears ia Space 1 (ic, make snd model of he vessel} of Form B-Vi Avplication Odyssey Triphoon and Bitoon Pontoon Boats _e ees ve nate (2a) What isthe type or style ofthe design for which registration is sought? A Pontoon Boats Continuation ot a = ‘space 2 (2b) Providea bret geoeral statement setting forth the salioat features ofthe design. Elongated nose cone on floats (2c) tr this design is derived from an earlier design, explain how that design has been revised, pred, or rearranged Length of nose cone has been increased and tapering angle has been reduced 17 us. $127, Ponty or ae representation, “Wneeve ining makes aa eteweiaonmatnly feng arts clanale und hs caer purge of cin sien a= ‘ogra pach py «ply tet inee Ban 650 arate an 0 an an rat ope fal San ay hve ie Segre sop shat ee DUH 008s se Front Bottom Perspective View of Boat Hull showing Designs 1 and 2