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FORM D-VH/CON Design Continvation Shoot GRITES States CObYaiguT OFNCS REGISTRATION NUMBER DVH 0068/2 DATE OF REGISTRATIONPUBLICATION Sept. 13, 2001 ‘CONTRA ECENED bo Nor Warne ABOVE THis UNE. For coPymicHrorsiceuse ony. Alb 13.2001 eaeneiaiemen Tear eigaes SEED Identiteston IDENTIFICATION OF CONTINUATION SHEET: continuation ofthe aplication fer copyriht registration on Or” Form DAVE. Identity the tile of the work ast appears in Sp ena oh pin cpr BVH ‘Application (2a) What is the type or style ofthe design for which registration is sought? TWO STAGE StL BRIUNMG Come mT FOR FATROW) SUREGOAT coninuatoncr -DEVAOPED F/o, NOT MANE Pubic YET (oeAwinG ATED) Space 2 (2b) Provide ret general statement sting forth the salient features ofthe design. THE ORGINAL ROUND BAL SUREROMT /fULL WITH 2xTemDed KEEL 1S Firtt with AY Whe? Dele AuD howke cue, Wheres THR Rowlkes ¢1T. WAVE Sey ON THE O&K 1s SHED) Tous BAILING HOLES HICH UP OW THLE SIRES OF THE HUle, WATE ON THE CKAT FLOO~-1S PIPED To THE TeAUSom (sree) (2c) if this design is derived from an earlier design, explain how that design has been revised, adapted, or rearranged, THE ORGINAL S6UC BALLER HAS SOUiAL DEPLOMALS Ween THe” BOAT AGANS WATER Comes [N THE SIDE Holttes AND @UUS ACIOSS THE FEAT Elo S SA ZL MWC. FT ALSO MmBECS ae BoAT LisT 70 ove SIL. THe Photos BRELRAISED Usaee. G03 oVT. Ore bse 7 Wm W. cae BRD MORE HOLS Fo_ SUD Water FAS TL. WATE In THE COCKE TIS defend $0 714 BoAT DONT LIST, ET (8 BVALATED THeoveH THES TIN, saan heen RS Nem ct 17 U6 1327. Penaty foc fle rpresertation. "Mon key maka ake mores nary afin of bana eri chee he pose tng eget 0 ‘ese chats py a pena tea hn $900 oor hn 6 O00 sly es Pevensey hav bw Gouge Ws ca al oe Yesed fetouy £. Per pC S Since Dut 0068/2 ¢ 7 of Nee “rel @ avo o i % _BALING HoLEs ~ ™ Ctureecr Te sien Dede wane TRAPPED Alize Com Feito T DECK Sucre CPITEBED Foe Wawa) COCKPIT FLoog AUG 13 2001 ROWING SEAT DECK . Sue race DRAIN PIPES Fkom taccprr TtHRouGH STERN (may dowtains OME WAU PLOPPER. VALVE So WATER Cant come Ib) —sTrREN view pet SURFACE d DRA AIP Hee FRom Goce rit Goce LdAuour Fore SELF BAiLIVG Rescue 130A ih Wry Tee Firm FHE DECK IS Deine ore FiteouEit sin Hoes a tt " " Got T FlOoe DediatD ovl THE STttew