Early Childhood Program Description

WITS Early Childhood program is a unique opportunity for elementary schools in Chicago. WITS connects individual volunteers with elementary students in the Chicago Public Schools. Volunteers spend one and half hours, one day per week reading to and with the pre-K through 1st graders, to help students improve literacy skills and develop a love for reading. The support of Early Childhood volunteers is an inexpensive way to lower the ratio of adults to students, giving children much-needed time one-on-one with an adult.
“I receive a tremendous amount of satisfaction from working with the children. I also have a wonderful relationship with the teacher. She always lets me know how much she appreciates my time and efforts with the children.” - WITS Volunteer 2011

What do Early Childhood Volunteers do?
During their weekly visits volunteers spend twenty minutes reading aloud one-on-one with students encouraging each child to be actively involved in telling the story. In order to volunteer with WITS all volunteers must complete and submit a CPS background check and a WITS Volunteer Application. Where: Schools in Chicago’s 20th Ward Carter Elementary School, 5740 S. Michigan Ave. Ross Elementary School, 6059 S.Wabash Ave. Sherwood Elementary, 254 W. 57th St. Hamline Elementary, 4747 S. Bishop St. When: Fall of 2012, specific date TBD

For more information, please contact:
Ahmadou Drame Ahmadou@witschicago.org 312.422.6203

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