Baked Banana coconut, date sugar and yogurt Vegetarian Onion Soup tomato broth, cheddar & fennel sandwich Fruit seasonal selection Lobster Flatbread spiced fennel, lobster cream and brown butter Farmhouse Flatbread bacon, sharp cheddar, granny smith apple Vegetarian Flatbread tomato, eggplant, caper, olive & feta


5 7.5 6 18 14 12 8.5 10 11 8.5 10 11 12 10 9 11 12 10 13 12 11 16 8

Fare Mixed Greens fresh vegetables, pepitas, currants, miso dressing Gingered Beets walnut chutney, ricotta, baby arugula salad Arugula oven roast pears, Gorgonzola, walnut brittle Caesar brioche croutons, Parmesan Reggiano   Breakfast Burrito eggs, chorizo, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach & cheddar, side salad Brioche French Toast bananas & caramel. Dipped in almonds or coconut, add $1.5 Eggs Benedict multi-grain bread, sautéed spinach. With nova salmon, add $3 Apple Ricotta Pancakes maple yogurt and sautéed apples Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberries or chocolate chips, add $1.5 Veggie Omelet of the day toast, side salad, roasted sweet potatoes Meat Omelet of the day toast, side salad, roasted sweet potatoes Tofu Scramble wilted greens, caramelized onions, vegan bacon, toast Fish Tacos Mahi, citrus slaw, black beans, brown rice Potato Cake smoked salmon, herbed yogurt and side salad Tuna Melt guacamole, tomato, swiss cheese, side salad Smoked Fish Platter nova, white fish salad, smoked whitefish, bagel & accompaniments Eggs Any Style two eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, choice of meat and toast    



Silver Dollar Pancakes Turkey Hot Dog
with sweet potato fries  

Kids Menu
4 4

Mac N’Cheese Whole Wheat Pasta
with butter and romano

4 4

Toast Plain Croissant Chocolate or Almond Croissant Bagel
choice of sesame, poppy, plain or everything. With cream cheese, add $.50  

1.5 3 4 2


Bacon pork, turkey or vegan Sausage pork links Roasted Sweet Potatoes

4 4 4

Café Au Lait Cappucino Latte  

Coffee Specialties
2.5 3.5 3.5

Americano Single Espresso Double Espresso

2.5 1.75 2.25

organic. local. sustainable. artisan. crafted.  

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