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Online Monitoring Report_example

Online Monitoring Report_example

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Published by: bisgovuk on Oct 15, 2012
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Online commentary referencing [subject here] 03 – 10 October 2012 Keywords: [your key search


Comparison with topical stories this week (y axis 120,000) Yellow: Eurozone uk business; Blue: uk growth; Red: child abduction

1. Summary [short narrative written by the person compiling the report, based on the information they have seen] 2. Most popular sources of information [based on the number of comments/shares as ranked by Topsy] Example: IMF: eurozone capital flight will come back to bite UK http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/oct/10/imf-eurozone-capital-flight-uk 50 share/tweet/recommends 3. Other sources of information and insight [useful to highlight commentary outside of mainstream media, such as forums or blogs] Example: Mitigating risk inside and outside the Eurozone – the debate continues… http://www.export.org.uk/blog/mitigating-risk-inside-and-outside-the-eurozone%E2%80%93-the-debate-continues

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