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FORM D-VH For Vessot Mull Deal UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE REGISTRATION NUMBER, DVH 0148 ATE OF REGISTRATIONPUBLICATION Sept. 30, 2003 sen, by, yew DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. (Form D-VHICON) Please give the make and model ofthe vessel that embodies the design 5 Porat, 2oio WV Bert Boar TITLE TT 2 (a) ee ae oS er BOAT: wat Tt OX TNDEO som Cos ATPOHED (1b) Porte abae gcd samen ig fie an ees dances perce HOU SHAPE Ano DESIGN 101TH EXTENDED TRAdSOm DEW Urtrour Stare AmmcrED Qonecknereit Deben Pamrutes, EXTENDED TRAUSOMA “SES MOLE Room rISwDE, Wei NE this iss ingle ane MOUNTED HH oet, £iIVE Make EEF I QEWT Tetretmonres Morse Raise ConsoLs nace LUN ED Het SINE ee 2 (c) itis design is derived rom an ear design, desrbe how that design has been revised. adapted, or rearranged. - ornicon No C Au New $e peAn Design) Provide the name and address ofthe designer(s) The name of the employer may be given instead ofthe designers) if, (1) the desig was made within the regular scope of employmentof the designers) and (2) the individual authorship ofthe designs dificult ‘or impossible to ascribe. DESIGNER(S) 1 Please check her if those conditions ae satisfied and you are providing the employers mame. Name: Dewars Boars TNC, Name: Address: ZU4S US Mwy Sit N Address: Ninermnonr Prin A? 35179 Tithe owner Is different from the designer(s) or employer named above, provide the name amd address ofthe owner: Name: Same as ABOU OWNER, ae Address: DESIGNERS) "Was an application frregisradon o tis dew @ (by 5 (2) in an application fled in a foreign country that extends io \) Count designs of owners who are citzens ofthe United States, or bs to persons filing applications in the United States, similar Date of application: — IORITY protection to that afforded in 17 U.S.C. chapter 13? CLAIM QYes. QNo Setial No: ‘Was this design made public before the date of application? Yes C) No |f) yescavtardeer 2" 2Bt OB _ DATE MADE ° ~ “ PUBLIC MORE ONBACKP vosrfrne EXAMINED BY. ‘CHECKED BY ey ‘CORRESPONDENCE FOR vee COPYRIGHT + gu OFFICE . use OnLy Se DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTNUATION SHEET, (Form D.VWCON) | 7 Please provide the name and address of the person to whom correspondence regarding this application may be directed: aor | I! \ Name: ROGER MTARKROROVEH CONTACT 7 Nn CONTACT Adiress: ZIN4S Vo they Bi 35179 E-mail address Yh Botover 2 Pound. Bons. Cor FAX number2 56" 239 49S Daytime phone: 256 739+ 4182 KS 8 Give the name and account number ifthe registration fee isto be charged to a Deposit Account established in the Copyright Office: Name of Account: DEPOSIT Account number: ACCOUNT. DECLARATION: The undersigned, as the applicant or the applicant's duly appointed agent or representative, being hereby warned that willful false statements are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under-18 U.S.C. §1001, and that such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity ofthis application or any resulting registration, hereby declares tothe best of his/her knowledge and belief: (1) thatthe design has been fixed in a useful article; (2) thatthe design is original and was created by the designer(s) or employer if applicable, named in the application; ee (3) that those aspects ofthe design for which registration is sought are not protected by a design patent; Ze (G4) thatthe design has not previously been registered on behalf ofthe applicant or applicants predecessor intitle; and Sy g (5) that the applicant is the person entitled to protection and to registratic hapter. 13.0 title, 17, United States Code. gz EE Complete if applicable: SIGN S48 “The design has been made public with a design notice asp c ESIGN © ge Following is the exact form ofthe design notice: Ee) ce WA LCIR ase INC. | es DYNASTY BOAT ING, sz ‘Where on the useful article isthe design notice located? on Si Ne mcHethermdensiomad ie AS sh nintinane alain in nennacty guthorized to execute this application on behalf of the applicant. SX 8-23-03 Pooek) YAtdboacocn Lente, mmo VIP 2567 39 HZ 256-739 4135 th Yaa BOROUGH DPoum Boars Coy vamaaae! og ees 7 certteate [= L Diwasry Boers ING ee See "2 as US Hur St N | coaalary eae Umemant ALA 35179 DUH 0148 PHAR 2010 vy BAT Boar Dex PLuc Free view woes ate