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Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Service Manual 01 (DD605_Service_599447A)

Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Service Manual 01 (DD605_Service_599447A)

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Published by: peckmanm on Oct 15, 2012
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8.5.1 Open the drawer.
8.5.2 Removing the drawer front (refer Section 8.1) makes it easier to slide the
tub clips back (optional).
8.5.3 Top tub:- Depress the right-hand tub clip and push it back about
30mm (1 inch). Repeat for the left-hand side.
8.5.3 Bottom tub:– Remove the toe kick (refer Section 8.3) and cowling (refer
Section 8.4), both optional.
If the cowling has not been removed, the tub clips needs to be pushed
back about 130mm (5 inches) so that the slide clears the cowling when the
tub is lifted off.
8.5.4 Lift the tub off the slides and push the runners back into the product.
8.5.5 Releasing the wire from the centre clip on the link assembly allows
the tub to be moved further from the chassis (optional).
8.5.6 If the tub is being turned over for servicing, rotate it counter
clockwise, remembering to remove the baskets first. Removing
the handle will prevent it from being damaged.
8.5.7 Refit in reverse manner.



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