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\ : FORM D-VH For Vessot Hull Desi UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE REGISTRATION NUMBER DUH 0177 ‘BATE OF REGETRATONPUBLICATION 04 veo 91 omy 29 ve DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. (Form D-VHICON) Ticctrgie bc male ant nil of he vel that omic he sien Wellcraft V-21 TITLE ‘What is the type or style of the design for which registrat 2 (a) chases Sede Fishing best (to) Peviga bit gcotl stgement cing fot he pint cures af i design Closed bow with head layout for fish and dc. Fishing amenities uncompromised with n is sought? DESIGN! Batieg(c),iisdesianis sve fom an exer dese, desert how tt design as ben revised adapted, or rearranged. forecatona! Eee emarecmnerveimunavereooaninsiee tek 8 te ete Ban mmm Ns Provide the name and address of the designer(s). The name of the employer may be given instead of the designer(s) if, (1) the design was made within he regular scope of employment of the designer(s) and (2) the individual authorship of the designs dificult ‘or impossible to ascribe. DESIGNER(S) Please check here if hose condition are satisfied and you are providing the employe’ name. Name: __Wellcraft Marine Name: r Address:__1651 Whitfield Avenue Address: Sarasota, FL 34243 Tf the owner is different from the designer(s) or employer named above, provide the name and address of tht owner: Name: OWNER, aes Address: DESIGNERS) a "Was an application for registration of this design identified (b) If yes, identify the country and date of application: 1) in an application filed ina foreign country that extends to \O) Country: designs of owners who are citizens ofthe United States, or Marry © etons fling applications in the United States, similar Date of aplication protection to tha afforded in 17 U.S.C. chapter 13? CLAIM QyYes No Serial No:. ‘Wes this design made public before th date of application?Sa Yes Cl No fs; APPUCATIONRECENVED “DEC 9.2003" sesiencoresncceneo DEC 19,2003 ifyeson what dae? Match 1, 2008 < fe cessor cen DEC DATE MADE EE nnosneccieo pre + 9 999g PUBLIC Sp © MORE ON BACK = Sangin ape ae enot wi ithe Patol panes ~ nm = eS S