The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain Our Mission, Values & Vision Statement

THE BRADFORD POLICE & COLLEGE BOXING ACADEMY ADOPTS UNCONDITIOONALLY THIS STATEMENT OUR MISSION To promote Police Community relations; To enhance the lives of children and young people through sport and other community based activities in Police Community Clubs throughout Great Britain; To provide sporting and travel opportunities for members throughout Great Britain and overseas; To provide opportunities for all members and member clubs to participate in sporting and other leisure activities staged by other member clubs; To ensure, whenever possible that every member attains their full potential; To provide a safe and disciplined environment for all members regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality or nationality; To ensure that every member club adopts and displays within their respective premises, a Child Protection Policy, which identifies a Child Protection Lead; To ensure that all persons having unsupervised contact with children [under 18 years of age] shall be ‘checked’ through the Criminal Records Bureau, in order to facilitate this, the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain is a Registered and Umbrella Body of the Criminal Records Bureau. OUR VALUES To treat everyone fairly in a honest and transparent organisation; To work in partnership with all agencies who hold the same values as ourselves;

To always be ready to ‘change to improve’. OUR VISION To be an example to others of an ethical, thriving, and caring organisation committed to the service of children and young people.

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