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Monday, October 15, 2012 Its only been a day, and Im still thinking about last nights premiere of The Walking Dead. Season 3 will definitely have a different pace than its predecessor, and Season 2 was pretty good, too. Im not big on spoilers, or in depth recaps, so Ill just hit on some of my favorite parts from the episode. I thought that all of the scenes where they were clearing the prison yard and the insides of the prison of walkers were some of the best that Ive seen from the show so far. The intensity reminded me of the episodes from the first season where they snuck out of the city by covering themselves with zombie guts or the attack on the camp later on. It is a relief for them to be able to find shelter and some safety with the prison, but I know that it isnt going to be easy. If there is one thing Ive come to expect from the show, it isnt afraid to screw around with the characters. One step forward, two steps back. Within the scenes where they were taking over the prison, I thought that it was remarkable how well they worked together as a team throughout their attack, although towards the end things seemed to fall a part. The most surprising part of the sequence was probably when they squared off with the zombies in riot gear because, come on, how do you stab a zombie in the eye when hes wearing a helmet with a visor? Luckily, they figured it out. At the same time, there was just something kind of amusing about seeing a zombie wearing body armor. What did you think of the very first episode? Submit your review, thoughts, commentary, or favorite scenes.