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Rank 1: Confessor: Arbitrator or Cleric Frateris Militia: Adept, Cleric or Scum Redemptionist: Assassin or Cleric Penal Legionnaire: Guardsman

sman Factor of the Lathes: Tech-Priest Cyber-Mastiff Handler: Tech-Priest Verispex Adept: Adept Cult Stalker: Arbitrator or Scum Banisher: Cleric Agent of Reliquary 26: Any Gunslinger: Assassin or Scum Reclaimator: Scum Warden of the DIvisio Immoralis: Arbitrator Rank 2: Acuitor Mech-Assassin: Tech-Priest Cult of the Pure Form: Cleric Rank 3: Chastener: Arbitrator, Assassin, or Guardsman Malifixer: Scum Chaliced Commissariat Operative: Guardsman Feral Warrior: Guardsman Rank 4: Malefic Scholar: Adept Sin Eater: Arbitrator, Assassin, or Guardsman Agent of the Lords Dragon: Adept, Arbitrator, Assassin, or Tech-Priest Cult of the Pure Form: Adept, Arbitrator, Assassin, Guardsman, Psyker, Scum Theomancer: Psyker Ordo Sicarius Initiate: Any Black Priest of Maccabeus: Cleric Bonded Emissary: Adept or Tech-Priest Xeno-Archanist: Adept Legate Investigator: Adept, Arbitrator, Cleric, Guardsman, or Psyker Mechanicus Secutor: Tech-Priest Templar Calix: Psyker Rank 5: Drill Abbot: Guardsman Calixian Witchfinder: Cleric Forsaken Priest: Cleric Imperial Diviner: Psyker Maletek Stalker: Assassin Mortiurge: Arbitrator Tainted Psyker: Psyker Suffering Marshal: Arbitrator, Assassin, Guardsman or Scum

Pyroclast: Guardsman Daemonym Seeker: Adept or Cleric Sister Oblatia: Sororitas Malfian Bloodsworn: Assassin, Arbitrator, Guardsman, or Scum Tyrantine Shadow Agent: All buut Tech-Priest & Sororitas Rank 6: Heretek Savant: Tech-Priest Warp Dabbler: All but Tech-Priest & Sororitas Calixian Maletek: Tech-Priest Slate-Agent: Any Techsorcist: Tech-Priest Moritat Reaper: Assassin Rank 7: Arch Exorcist: Cleric Magistrate: Adept