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‘DUH 0273 ———_— [BATE Or REGISTRATIONPUBLIGATION ure 03 om 31 vou 06 DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. (Form D-VH/COM) Please give the make and mode! of the vessel that embodies the design. Scout. 205 Sport fish TITLE = 7-1} What s the type or style of the design for which registration is sought? 2 ) “center console fishing oat ‘Provide a brief general statement setting forth the salient features of the design. pesten(!)) tt som, deck configuration, and overall appearance. _ ‘design was made within the regular scope of employment of the designer(s) and (2) the individual authorship ofthe design is dificult ‘or impossible to ascribe, DESIGNERS) 2 Please check here if those conditions are satisfied and you are providing the employers name. Name: Scout Boats, Inc. Name: 3 Provide the name and address of the designer(s). The name of the employer may be given instead of the designer(s) if, (1) the ‘Address: 2582 Hwy 78 West ‘Address: __ Summerville, SC 29483 If the owner is different from the designer(s) or employer named above, provide the name and address ofthe owner: Name: Was an aplication for reiaon of hs design wetied |, Wye entiy the country and date of splcatcn: in an application filed in a foreign country that extends to"? Country: designs of owners who are citizens ofthe United States, or to persons fling applications in the United States, similar Date of application: protection to that afforded in 17 U.S.C. chapter 13? QyYes @No Serial No:. ‘Was this design made public befor the date of aplication? Yes C1 No AROS. 08 as 2005 wep If yes, on what date? Ler a DATE MADE! = oy ie 2006 - PUBLIC 08.2006 ene ORE ON BACK = Sapa ah appicane soeces umber 79) grees se of page. ane ee EXAMINED | seer FORM DVL ft qeceay FoR ‘CORRESPONDENCE Grin ayes OFFICE use omy 2 DO NOTMINTE ABOVE THES LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE COMTMUATION SHEET; Srnec immer aap lease provide the name and address of the person to whom correspondence regarding this application may be directed: Nate Justiss 2581 Hwy 78 West = _ Sunmerville, 8.29483 Email address _ FAX number 843.725.0081_________ Daytime phone: (843 821-0068 Give the name and account number if the registration fee is tobe charged to.a Deposit Account established in the Copyright Office: 4 wg Name of Account: ——— — DEPOSIT Account oumber _ ACCOUNT = that willful fase statements are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under 18 U.S.C. §1001, and that such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity of this application or any resulting registration, hereby declares tothe best of his orher knowledge and belief: (1) that the design has been fixed in a useful article; (@) that the design is original and was created by the designe(s), or employer if applicable, named inthe application: (@) that those aspects ofthe design for which registration is sought are not protected by a design patent: (4) thatthe design has not previously been registered on behalf of the applicant or applicant's predecessor in ttle and () that the applicant i the person entitled to protection and to registration under chapter 13 of title 17, United States Code. ‘Complete if applicable: “The design has been made public with a design notice as prescribed by 17 U.S.C. §1306. Following is the exact form of the design notice: ‘ed Design Scout Boats 2006 3 DECLARATION: The undersigned, asthe applicant or the applicant's duly appointed agent or representative, being hereby warned Prove ‘Where on the useful article isthe design notice located? CERTIFICATION AND SWORN STATEMENTS transom ‘oned is nof the applicant he or she is properly authorized to execute this application on behalf ofthe applicant. January 30th, 2006 Rte Justiss Industrial Designer Pare Wars ourwe: . — 843621 -0068, 843.725.0082 Rateescoutboats.con Fao — nat ace ecu choo I eevee 2501 mey 76 woot Eeeeniatien et emeomrene SS ————————————— ___, Eee Summerville, SC 29483 17 USC. 51527. Paty for tae representation romegh rates tone procortain matory afcing he nf arable wer tes apts kr he pupae octane regsron 8 ‘nag Cp ana ya Pony fot at a 0 an A mre an 1 a yep or age Ra eben ay hae ht Sg on Be pa sabe one” Jeary 2000 Web iv: Jonny 2003. @ Prete on cy paper US Gomera rang Oc 209-2 WEY