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Latihan Persediaan Peperiksaan Akhir tahun 1 to Which of the following can help

save water? A Turn on the shower while soaping. B Use a washing machine only when the load of clothes is full. C Let the water run while brushing your teeth. D Washing dishes under a running tap 2 This cross section of stem refer to plant A or plant B

A lengthening its legs B shortening its legs C changing the seat to a bigger one D increasing the weight of the seat 4 Which of the following is a mammal which lays eggs? A Platypus C Dolphin B Whale D Panda

5 Which organ in the digestive system is the first to digest protein? A Mouth C Duodenum intestine 6 Non-green plants such as fungi unable to carry out photosynthesis? A They do not produce fruit and seeds. B They do not have chlorophyll to absorb light energy. C They do not require glucose for respiration. D They do not have excess oxygen to be released into the air. B Stomach D Large

7 Constipation (sembelit)may be caused


A Eating food without fibre. B A lot of undigested food in the intestine. C Drink to much D Lack of protein 8

How to make this chair become more stable?

Gas X is produced at Katod (negative electrode). So gas X is hydrogen. Hydrogen .. A Helps in burning B Produces a 'pop' sound when

tested with a lighted wooden splint


Has a pungent smell Acidic in nature



No . 1.

QUESTIONS Sound cannot be transferred through a vacuum


Sound moves fastest in gases

Hard, even and smooth surfaces like plank, concrete and metal are good sound reflectors (pemantul bunyi)


Echo (gema) can be reduced by putting curtains, carpets and soft cushions

Stesthoscope is used to help us detect sound from outer space

When light travels from a less dense medium to a denser medium, light is refracted away from the normal

Water evaporates faster from a large surface area

Nuclear is non-renewable source

Dropper, spraying pump, rubber suckers are instruments uses air pressure to function


Commensalism is interaction between two organisms in which one benefits and the other is unaffected