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T.I.M.E. Pvt. Ltd.

Lot-Wise Break-up of Material List for Correspondence Course (CAT11) (Advanced)

Material On Enrolment
Or 15 Days from the date of payment received at Hyderabad

or 1 week from the despatch of Initial Lot, whichever is later

or 1 week from the despatch of Lot I & II, whichever is later

or 1 week from the despatch of Lot I,II & III whichever is later

Intial Lot
SM101141 SM101142 SM101143 SM101144 SM101201 SM101202 SM101203 SM100904 SM101205 SM521106 SM101207 SM101208 SM101209 SOL101261 SOL101262 V01 Book V102 SP101201 Web Facilities Document Ltr. Reg. Course Details

Lot II
SM101210 SM101211 SM101212 SM101213 SM101214 SM101215 SM101218 GAT101201 GAT101202 GAT101203 GAT101204 GAT101205 TPB101201 CRT101201 CRT101202* MC101201* MC101202

GAT101206 GAT101207 GAT101208 Key for GAT101201 to 8 CRT101203* CRT101204* CRT101205* MC101203* MC101204* MC101205* AIMCATs*

Lot IV
Feedback form Hall Ticket Letter SM101216 SM101217 Other Managerment Entrance Tests (OMETS) AIMCATs*

* All these tests are online tests, only student reference

copy will be provided or student can take the printouts from the website.

Magazines from Jan 2011 to Feb 2012 will be sent every month seprately if not included in the above lots. June2011 and July2011 issues are combined Anniversary issue.