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SAP BW 7.3 Feature BW 7.3 1.

DWH Enchantments add the Planning Functions and Data flow as well as Process chain at Modelling era. 2. DTPs automatically integrate the process chain. 3. Migrate the Data from SAP BW 3.X To 7.3 directly by using the DATA SOURCE tab . (When migrate the data it will be Recovery if any mishap any situation) 4. Enchance the Info provider options i.e a. create the aggregation b. Create the Hybrid provider 5. Info cube Enchantment a) Navigation Attributes b) Selection Conditions c) Property (Partitioned) 6. Flexible Generic search screen (like process chain & open hubs) at FIND Tab.

7. Info cubes additional functions (Create Update rules, Generate Export datas ource, Remodeling, Repartioning, Display log) 8. Info provider and transformation Info cube setting In memory:-When set, DSO is optimized for SAP HANA database .default value is not checked. BWA Status: - When set, Infocube is optimized for SAP HANA database. Default va lue 'Info cube stores its data in database. Transformation enhancements Reference integrity (No new, but can be set in transformation rule) New Rule Type (Read from data store object (DSO)) Define semantic groups for packages. 9. Transformation rule to fill a field in the transformation target by reading t he value from a DSO (similar to reading from master data). 10. Enchane the new connection between SAP Net Weaver BW 7.3 and SAP Business Ob jects Data Integrator (source system type Data Services ) enables you to establish connections between SAP NetWeaver BW and non-SAP systems, and trigger the genera tion of metadata and data flows. 11. New tab in DTP Extraction Tab (Delta Init without Data) 12. DTP Parallel Extraction: System uses Parallel Extraction to execute the DTP when the following conditions are met. The Source of the DTP supports Parallel Extraction (Ex: Data Source). Error Handling is De-activated. The list for creating semantic groups in DTPs and transformations is empt y. The Parallel Extraction field is selected. If the system is currently using the processing type Parallel Extraction and Pro cessing , we can select this option and change the processing type to Serial Extrac tion, Immediate Parallel Processing. 13. DTP Execute tab