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The British army has just announced its intention to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2013 but leaving

The British army has just announced its intention to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2013 but leaving behind a small group to maintain secret and unilateral intelligence operations to check the progress of both the insurgents and the regular Afghan army until end 2014 before it too will scoot off for home ..

The British army has suffered over 400 deaths in Afghanistan hopelessly battling a near invisible enemy and this very unacceptable state of affairs has led to numerous acts of war atrocities being commited by British troops in flagrant violation of the Geneva conventions (never mind the highly vaunted european convention of human rights or even their own British Human Rights Act).

Britsh troops were guilty of shooting civilians in night raids conducted or carried out regularly in the Afghan countyside especially in Helmand province. Only two days ago five British soldiers were charged with murder after a video which had recorded their act turned up in the public domain.

The Britsh army has a knack for reappearing in places where in just the recent past its soldiers had carried out acts of major carnage and murder (massacre). The Britsh army was once active in Afghanistan and in Iraq where British soldiers were known to have committed many heinous acts of war atrocities.

For example, shown above on the right is a picture of an Iarqi civilian tortured and savagely beaten to death by a group of British soldiers in Basra in 2003. In 2007, after a long campaign for justice by the dead man’s family, finally one British army soldier was jailed for merely a year for the very very horrible crime.

The picture on the left shows dead Malayan villagers massacred by British army soldiers during a security sweep in a rural rubber plantation. Earlier this year, survivors and their families of the massacre took their case to court in London but last month a London court struck down their application for an official inquiry into the incident and thus no compensation was allowed. The plaintiffs have since come up with a campaign to collect signatures to petition for truth justice and acknowledgement of the dirty crime commited by the British army.