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Vol. 2

September MidOctober 2012


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The excited couples at the Marriage Conference

A pastor and his wife rededicating their promise to be One.

Sometimes we can be so focused on reaching the lost that we forget about the found. We forget about the other equally important part of Mnstry; Discipleship (training up believers so they can train others). However, this past month we had several, great opportunities to pour into some believers. A ch*rch that we partner with hosted a Marriage Conference and a Pastors Conference. We were invited to teach at both of these. The Marriage Conference was an experience. The Bangladeshi view of marriage is much different that our western idea of marriage, as well as being much different from the Biblical concept. There was much to be said. Ian taught from the book of Proverbs on the importance of communication in G*dly relationships. This is a difficult thing to talk about in this culture because quarrelling is the official form of communication in Bangladesh. We believe that every couple left stronger with more knowledge of what a G*dly marriage should look like. The Pastors Conference was a great success. The Pastors Conference consisted of some local church leaders and pastors from churches in the village areas of Bangladesh. Ian had a wonderful opportunity to share with and pour into the village pastors. He taught about Mentor Discipleship, Js method of mnstry, how J spent 90% of his time teaching and training 12 people and how his whole mnstry was centered around the success of the 12 disciples. This is important because this idea of mnstry is much different than traditional mindsets about mnstry; here and in the west. We are pr*ying that the pastors go home excited about making disciples who make other disciples. This also served as a way to encourage us to continue sowing faithfully into faithful people. Recently, Haley has started to disciple two Bengali believers. Pr*y for her so that she can lead the girls well. We are excited for the day when these two can start to meet and disciple other people. Whether working with lost or believers our goal is that theyd eventually become disciplemakers.

News from the school

The national staff at Haleys school made her a pizza for her birthday. The H and M were spelled out with ketchup. Happy Birttday Mrs. McEntyre!!

One of the most exciting parts of the day at Grace is Bible time. Haley gets to teach the kids from varying religious backgrounds about what the Bible says about G. This past term Haley has been teaching her students about the Miraculous Healings of Jesus. Each week the kids learned about a different time that Jesus healed someone while on earth. They discussed how Jesus has the power to heal and prayed for others to be healed too. A new term has started this past week and the theme for the next term will be Impossible Babies. They will look at Isaac, Samuel, and Jesus as it gets closer to Christmas. They will also be doing a Christmas play where many students and families will learn about the birth of our Savior. We hope that the kids will be excited about who Jesus is and that it will rub off on their family. Pr*y for this and for continued opportunities to share the GoodNews with parents, students, and national staff of Grace.
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Kobor theke

Vol. 2

September MidOctober 2012

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would increase. Ian will be traveling to a mslm friends village, October 19-23. Pr*y for opportunities to share with his family. Pr*y for the people that we disciple. Special Pr*yer Request: Please pr*y and keep on pr*ying Things may have calmed down in the news for us... about the film situation, but things in Bangladesh have continued to be an issue. We do not feel that we are in danger, but this situation is affecting the work. We had to cancel a 2 trips to the village area due to large protests in those areas. Pr*y that God would use this an opportunity to share the GoodNews.

Ian teaching about communication at the Marriage Conference

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Haleys Year 1 Class wearing their fruit masks while learning about healthy eating and living.

Bangladeshi mslms burning a flag in protest of the stupid film Innocence of Mslms

Discipleship in Action
Ian with his friend wearing the traditional mslm pr*yer hat called a tupi

You can now give through our website . You can select spec ific areas of the mnsty that you want to give to . This hopefully will help to put a face on the people you are so faithfully helping.

waiting to hear the Good News of J Xt.

The Lost

Lately, we have seen a lot of growth in a guy that Ian has been discipling. He is mslm follower of J. Ian has been meeting with him every week for about a year. At first it seemed like not much fruit was going to come from it. Yet, it is amazing to see G work on someone through his Word. Slowly we are seeing this friend of ours learn more about who J truly is. There is still a long road to becoming a mature follower of J, but we are pr*ying his eagerness continues. The discipleship process is happening naturally as it should. He says things to us like, That bridge thing that you showed me the other day, I was sitting around with some friends the other day and I thought that I should tell them about that Yes!! It is also amazing to see someone experience the Word for the first time. Ian and him were reading Romans 8:1 which says, There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Xt J and when he read it, immediately he shouted, Uuuphhhh! (a Bangla exclamation) Ohhhhh boy. No condemnation! It is times like those when you realize why youve come all this way. We dont know what the future holds for him, but we are hoping for him in Xt.
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