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Organisation of Props and Costumes for the Shoot Day. Name of Band/ Song: What Props do I need to provide?

What Costumes including Jewellery and make-up needs to be provided? Black and white clothing for boys Tom Man Ray type make up Pale face, black eye make-up. What set design and Props does Dan and the Drama department provide? Plastic Strips Semi-Circle room set Sofa Jason, Common room/houses. Breathing floor Tracy, spangled Podiums and poles Studio set Who is responsible for the props and costumes? Have you got the band to practice the song & rehearsed this? Are these casted and have they been screen tested?

Matrix The Reason

Whip eBay 15 Leather Costumes for Girls Merlin Breathing spike floor Tracy, Spangled

Merlin Leather costumes, leather tight trousers, black tank tops, dresses. Girls costumes Tom Males costumes, black and white. E.g. suit, black long sleeve, black trousers, white shirt. Freddy Props and screen test.

Watchers Toby Baring, Maksym Kulik. Clubbers Anastasia Rastorgina, Georgina Morton, Ella Denton, Clemmie Saglio, Sadie Middleton, Katie Gunn, Sasha Callis, Jess Stent, Franni Thesan, Anri Nakashidze and Charlie Farish. Freddy emailed for screen test, Tuesday 16th October 3:15 in the Studio.

Orange Freddy Stools Freddy Mattress Freddy