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Prathom 1 First Term: 16 hours Greetings [Unit 1]~ 2 hours Hello, Hi, Goodbye, bye What is your name?

me? [One word answer] Classroom Directions [Unit 2]~ 3 hours Sit down, stand up, raise your hand, listen Classroom Supplies [Unit 2] ~ 5 hours pen, pencil, book, desk, chair, table [3 hours] What is this? Is it a _____? Pronouns: I, You [2 hours] I have a ______. You have a _____.

Toys [Unit 4]~ 6 hours ball, car, doll, robot, teddy bear, balloon [3 hours] What is this? Is this a ____? Colors: red, blue, green, yellow [3 hours] What color is this? [One word response]

Second Term: 16 hours Food [Unt 5]~6 hours chicken, rice, milk, eggs, fish, pork[3 hours] What is this? I like Counting [1-20] [3 hours] How many____

Pets [Unit 3/Unit 6]~ 7 hours dog, cat, bird, fish [3 hours] What is this? Is it a _____? Comparison: big/small, fat/thin [4 hours] The _____ is ______. Is the _______ ______ or ______? I have a _____.

Verbs [Unit 9]~3 hours run, walk, swim. sing, dance