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Prathom 2 First Term : 16 hours Introductions [Unit 1] ~ 6 hours Name [2 hours] What is your first name?

me? [One word answer] What is your last name? [One word answer] Age [1 hour] How old are you? I am ______ years old. Feelings [3 hours] sad, happy, tired, hungry, fine How are you? I am _____.

Classroom Objects ~7 hours book, desk, computer, board, door, window, chair [2 hours] What is this? Is it a _____? In/on/under [2 hours] Is the book in/under/on the desk? Counting [1-30] [3 hours] How many books?

Second Term: 14 hours Face Parts ~ 6 hours eye, ear, nose, mouth, head a/an What is this? This is a/an _____. -s I have # ______. Farm [Unit 8] ~3 hours cat, dog, horse, cow, pig, chicken There is/There are Family ~5 hours father, mother, brother sister [2 hours] Who is this? This is my mother. Pronouns: I, you, he, she? [3 hours]

Who is this? She is my mother.