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Prathom 3 First Term: 24 hours Body Parts [Unit 1] ~ 6 hours head, mouth, nose, eye, hand, foot, ear,

r, arm, leg, finger, toe review a/an review plurals What is this? Is it a/an ____? I have a/an _____? School [Unit 2/ Unit 3] ~7 hours I go to school. School rooms: library, classroom, computer room, bathroom, lunch room, playground [3 hours] What is this? Is it a ______? Where is ______? [One word answer] Who is in the _______? [One word answer] I go to school. Subjects [4 hours] math, art, music, English, Thai, gym, science, history I like. / I do not like. He likes / She likes

Home ~ 5 hours I go to my house. Time of day [2 hours] morning, afternoon, evening, night When is this? Is it ______? Daily activities: to wake up, to eat, to go, to sleep, to shower [3 hours] What do you do in the ______? [ I _____.]

Second Term: 17 hours Market [Unit 4] ~ 6 hours I go to the market Thai fruit: papaya, coconut, durian, mangosteen [2 hours] What is this? Is it a .?

Vegetables: carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, cabbage [2 hours] What is this? Is it a .? Counting [1-30] [2 hours] How many _____? Can I have # _______?

Park [Unit 6/Unit 9] ~5 hours I go to the park. Exercise/Verbs: to play, to run, to walk, to ride a bike, to jump, to swim [3 hours] I can ____. Healthy vs. Unhealthy food [2 hours] Is ____ healthy or unhealthy?

Zoo [Unit 8] ~5 hours I go to the zoo. Animals [3 hours] monkey, dolphin, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, bird What is this? Is it a/an ____? Verbs: to run, swim, jump [2 hours] Pronoun: it It can _____.