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Teaching PDHPE in Primary Schools

By. Yung Chun Yin (Sam)

What is PDHPE?
P= Personal D= Development H= Health P= Physical E= Education The aim: PDHPE is trying to develop students ability, skills, knowledge, attitude. Most importantly is to let the student understand the value and fulfilling lives.

Rationale for teaching PDHPE

Promotes personal healthy choices/active lifestyle; Promotes physical activity; Encourages an understanding and valuing of self and others; Emphasizes informed decision making leading to effective and responsible action.

Advocating of teaching PDHPE


Active lifestyle Dance Games and sports Growth and development Gymnastics Interpersonal relationships Personal health choices Safe living

Skills from PDHPE

There are 5 essential skills, for instance:

Problem solving Communicating Decision making Interacting


Reference list

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