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I Am Impressed

(Clarissa Rosalia) As I was walking down the pathway Where people come and go for a flight I saw an interesting view of a woman Wearing black abaya in broad day light. I thought it was just a costume or a simple uniform But my guess was just too good to be true For I saw another one coming my way And this time, only the eyes that I can see. With my curiosity, I asked my friends along the way About the covered women in black abayas, with gay Why are they wearing those and hiding their faces?, I asked kindly It means holy and sacred to themthey told me. With full respect, I watched them silently My enthusiasm in culture prodded me How I wish I could try them on for me to know How they feel when they wear them the whole day. In my country, we adopted western culture We wear sexy dresses and sleeveless blouses Shorts and skinnies and just common to teeners And adults just find fun and pleasures in parties. As I went to my journey, the deeper I can see The reasons and customs of the Arab ladies that I met The more covered they are, the more solemn they should be Hajj and Ramadan, they cleanse themselves from worldly sins. I salute them for the tight conservativeness The traditional conservation of a womans beauty The pure, untainted conservancy of the human body That nurtures the soul for life eternity. I am still on the verge of discovering things I may or may not be lucky enough to know all of them But all I can promise and this I vow till the end They have all my RESPECT, so sacred and solemn.