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11 Transport System

11 Transport System

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Published by: Vaibhav Jadhav on Oct 16, 2012
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CTS & Transport System

 The Change and Transport System (CTS) is a tool

that helps you to organize development projects in the ABAP Workbench and in Customizing, and then transport the changes between the SAP Systems in your system landscape.

Data Structure of an R/3 System Client 000 Client <nnn> User . Customizing Customizing Cross-client Customizing R/3 Repository User Appl. data . data Appl. . .

Types of Adaptation Customizing Appl. data . . . data Customizing Customizing Cross-client Customizing Appl. User Customizing R/3 Repository Development Modifications Customer enhancements User . .

data Customizing Appl.Consequences: Software Logistics in R/3 User User Appl. data Customizing Different clients for:  Execution  Testing  Productive usage of Customizing Cross-client Customizing R/3 Repository Separate R/3 Systems for customer in-house development and for changes made to the R/3 Repository DEV QAS PRD .

TMS: Administering Your R/3 Systems Delete Approve Domain Controller RFC RFC RFC Transport Directory Transport group Transport domain .

use drag and drop  To define transport routes.TMS: Configuring Transport Routes Delivery routes Consolidation routes Standard transport layer  To insert new systems into the configuration. insert arrows and choose type of transport route  Distribute and activate the new configuration .

and so on. 3. Set the system change options according to the role of the R/3 System.Include all remaining systems in the domain . Create clients and set the client change options for the production system. In the TMS: .Summary: Setting up an R/3 Transport Landscape  1. 4.  2.Define the transport routes . . development system. 6.Define QA approval procedure 5.      Make the transport directory available. Configuration of the transport program (tp) is done automatically and must not be done at OS level. Configure the transport domain controller and define the domain.

Customizing Procedure Perform customizing Settings are assigned to a Customizing request Automatic assignment to a task Customizing finished? Release task Release change request Export Transport Directory .

Transport Process: Import into Quality Assurance Development Quality Assurance Production CR1 CR1 Import change request Fill PRD Buffer (inactive) Buffers: DEV QAS PRD CR1 (CR1) Data File Files CR1 CR1 .

CR2 Files Files CR2 CR1 .Transport Process: Import into Production Quality Assurance Production Development CR1 CR2 CR1 CR2 CR1 CR2 OK Set entries active Import both requests Buffers: DEV QAS PRD CR1.

.Start Imports 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Request DEVK900016 DEVK900018 DEVK900020 DEVK900023 DEVK900002 DEVK900033 DEVK900035 Project DEV_P00001 Import all requests DEV_P00001 Date/deadline Execution Options To import a single request.. use the other icon: . Import request .

TMS: Quality Assurance Development Quality Assurance Production OK TMS QA approval procedure .

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