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Form D-VH rune sates copie ‘DVH 0322 DATE OF REGISTRATIONPUBLICATION on 09 ow 21 ven 06, DO NOT WRITE ABOVE THIS LINE. IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, USE A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. (Form D-VH/CON) 7 Please give the make and model of the vessel that embodies the design. 1 Contender 33 Tournament (V Hull Design) TITLE = = a) Whats the type oF style of the design for which registration is sought? 2 1 Fiberglass, Offshore Spor n_ Fishing Bi (Ib), Pov bre sng statement seg fort te salient featares ofthe deign DESIGN Overall design of hull configuration,deck & liner layout, Decne rere general shape and appearance, ean If this design is derived from an earlier design, describe how that design has been revised, adapted, or rearranged, NTR for ecaon ——___— a oan Provide the name and address of the designer(s). The name of the employer may be given instead of the designer(s) if, (1) the design was made within the regular scope of employment ofthe designer(s) and (2) the individual authorship of the designis difficult ar impossible to aseribe. DESIGNERS) XXPlease check here if those conditions are satisfied and you are providing the employers name. Nome Contender Boats, Inc. Name Address:_1620 SE_36tH Avenue _ Adéress: — jomestead, FL 33035-1345 If the owner is differen from the designers) or employer narmed above, provide the name and address ofthe owner: Name’ _— OWNER, SeHOE Adress: a DESIGNERS) (ca) Masanaplicatin fr wgiration fis ein eid (jy Hye, ony the county and at of pplication (4) inn application filed in a foreign county that extends to (7) Country: designs of owners who are citizens ofthe United States, or to persons filing applications in the United States, similar Date of application: PRIORITY protection to that afforded in 17 U.S.C. chapter 13? uae Dyes No Serial No: — Was this design made public before the date of application? & Yes Q) No ie apeuicaTionreceiven JUL ) 2 ig is ioe pe hs Iryes, on what date? 02/17/2006 7 ie DESIGN COPIES RECEIVED pare a FUNDS RECEIVED PUBLIC TORE ON BACK DUH 0322