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STATES COPTRIGHT OFFICE ‘scasTeATION WUMBER p C= | | DH 0349 | ‘SATE OF REGISTRATION PUBLICATION | 10 5 o7 Moat, oy ver A SEPARATE CONTINUATION SHEET. (Form D- Please give the make and model of the. vessel that embodies the design. Giasstream 328 scx. . ‘TITLE 9 (a) [Wists the ope or style of he design for which eatrason is sought igh performance, center console boat ‘Provide a briof general statement seting forth the salient features of the design. pesien(D) cuddy cabin forward at bow, length of 32'0", beam of 8'11", and~ Dlorecrnereu “two (2) lifting strakes molded in on the bottom of each side of Se vy —Keoi_as well as two (2) steps in the hull bottom 5'4" forward... SERIE (cc) ihe designs cevived om an enter design, devcibe htat eign as ben vied, apt, orange oe deci. f ites Form D-vHCON for adgniona! Provide the name and address of the designer(s). The name of the employes may be given instead of the desigsicn(s)if, (1) the