MAHESH KUMAR S Address :#250,14th Main, Nagendra Block ,BSK 3rd Stage,Bangalore-50 Phone : 09676343853 E-Mail : Experience : 2 years Current Company:HCL Technologies (Microsoft Account) Key Skills : SQL server 2008R2,SSIS,SSRS,SSAS,Excel Power Pivot, Sharepoint,TFS Roles and Responsibilities : 1.Worked as BI developer in an Production Support/Enhancement project for Microsoft Client 2. Working as a SQL server Developer in Data quality tool development for a Microsoft Client and created Many Complex Stored Procs, Triggers and SSIS packages. 3.Responsible for implementing the Exception handling at both SSIS package level and Stored Proc level. 4.Developed many SSRS reports by writing the complex stored proc , from report model as well as from Analysis services cube. 5.Developed Dashboard reports in both SSRS and power Pivot as per the requirement. Career Objective • • To work in an inspiring environment where I can learn new things and enhance my skills that are useful to promote the growth of the Organization and my career. To work in a challenging environment and gain experience in working as part of a team to research and develop new software products. To use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals. To build a long-term career in IT profession with opportunities for career growth

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Experience Summary 1. Working as Software engineer in HCL Technologies in MSBI from Sep 2010 to till date. 2. Worked as Project trainee as a part of Academic project for 3 Months in Tech Mahindra. 3. Currently Working as BI developer in Microsoft Project.

90% 80.Bangalore 12th std 10th std GPUC. 7. 9.SSRS.22% 81.Bangalore in the year 2010 Course College Sem 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Percentage 86.28% BE RNSIT. 6. Presented a Technical White Paper on 'Excel Automation from a Survey Site' Educational Qualification BE (Computer Science and Engineering) from RNSIT . Possess good understanding and hands-on SSIS. 11.19% 83.19% 86. Possess good understanding and hands-on SQL Server 2008 R2. Excel Power Pivot Team Size : 6(4 Offshore and 2 Onsite) .Sorab Project Experience: Project 1 : Company : HCL Technologies Name : Microsoft OurBI Client : Microsoft Technical Tools Used :SQL server 2008 R2.Sharepoint 2010. Currently working in Multiple Microsoft development projects 5. Got Outstanding rating in the recent Annual performance and development review.4.33% 85.SSIS. SSRS and SSAS. 10.SSAS.22% 76.00% 73. Got twice Customer appreciation for successfully handling the critical issues on time. Power Pivot Reports. Good Understanding of Development of SSRS . 8.Sagar JuniorCollege.22% 80.55% 76. Good Understanding of Data warehousing and ETL concepts.

This macro script will rename the excel sheets and saves these files in physical location. • Involved in the Enhancement of the existing data Model. reports based on cube as per client request. After these files are saved. • Implemented the Error handling and auditing by creating the new SSIS packages for the existing data model. ETL will pick up these files . Excel Automation: Planned and implemented an alternative solution to FTP setup to transfer/copy files from a survey website to the desired physical location. It includes complete end to end enhancement of existing servers which include development of new SSIS packages. changing the existing Cube . Finally it sends . • Involved in the Architecture design and data model design for the existing data model. • Developed Power Pivot Dashboards by writing Complex queries as per the requirement.Role : BI Developer Duration : Jan-2011 to Oct-2011 Description : Microsoft OurBI is an Production Support/Enhancement project. changing the existing Report Model. • Created SSRS reports for monitoring SharePoint reports. • Did Analysis for the many TFS items which are critical and solved these TFS items within a SLA defined. Proposed solution consists of subscribing in a survey website with a specific account which has access to it and schedule the excel sheets So that every day we will get all the required excel sheets as an attachment in a mail to the account that we used for subscribing. • Single handedly created many SSRS chart reports and Matrix reports which are based on report model • Also gained the knowledge of SSAS by adding the new attributes. TFS. • Involved in unit testing of Cube and Report model • Developed a dashboard reports which comprises of different types of chart reports. • Involved in Development of many SSRS reports based report model. Then create a Rule in an outlook that will automatically call the MACRO script whenever it receives mail from the survey site. doing the changes to the existing attributes in a Cube. it does validation of these files and finally it loads the data. writing scripts using C# • Worked with a SQL server Agent to create and schedule SQL server jobs • Involved in Unit Testing and preparing test cases. • Created the stored procedures for doing the SLA calculation for the existing data model. Development of new SSRS Reports as per the client requirement. • Created many SSIS packages for incremental data load. • Also gained the knowledge of share point server.

Row Count. Value distribution etc. Wrote many stored procedures to process different Business templates like Null validation.the mail to the users which tells the count of records which are loaded from each excel sheet • Wrote a Macro script that will be automatically called whenever the Outlook configured with some account receives mails with excel attachments. • • • • • • Involved in the complete analysis of requirement and understanding of the requirement. Data freshness.SSRS Team Size :5(4 offshore and 1 onsite) Role : BI-Developer Duration : October-2011 to till Date Description : DQP is a complete development project. • •  Project 2 : Company: HCL Technologies Name : IEB-DQP (Interactive Entertainment Business-Data Quality Project) Client: Microsoft Technical Tools Used :SQL server 2008 R2. Range Validation.Net front end to set up data quality rules among the different servers and to create SQL server agent jobs which includes these rules. Also wrote Master stored procedures to handle the parallel execution of rules to improve the performance. Data freshness. Value distribution etc. Created the SSIS packages to integrate all the Business templates and to handle the dependency among the rule execution.SSIS. Developed an SSIS package that will load the data once all the attachments are received and also it sends the notification mail containing the details of record count. . Developed an SSIS package which has script task that will check whether the attachments are received for that particular day or not. Requirement is to provide a . Aggregation. if not it will send the notification to the user for the missing files. Range Validation. Main requirement is to provide an MSBI solution to achieve the data quality. This macro will automatically renames attachment and saves in a physical location. Row Count. Involved in the complete Architecture design as per the client requirement. Created prototype for the different business template like Null validation.

Involved in the complete testing of the MSBI solution provided to handle the Data Quality.Basics of Java and . it involves remote monitoring of all the systems connected in a network. determining the various parameters of aircraft and generating an alert when an aircraft approaches to a collision. Team Size : 2 number Guide : satishkumar .• • Created the Master package to handle the job dependency and execution. Technical Skills: Operating system :windows xp.ETL tools like OWB • Also have Knowledge on Power Pivot Excel report Academic Project Experience:  Project1 Company : Tech Mahindra Tattle : Network watcher Description : Net watcher is a remote desktop application. Team Size : 2 number  Project2 Title : Aircraft Collision detection using GPS data file Description : Design a simulator to monitor the various aircrafts using a GPS data file. Team size : 2 Number  Project3 Tittle : Brahmanda Description :Design a Graphical simulation of solar system and providing a 3D view of Solar system which includes some features such as zoom in. zoom out of planets. T SQL . Report Builder and TFS • Also have knowledge on Tools Learnt : • SQL Server 2008 R2 • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) • Knowledge of working with Share point.C#. Languages :C.C++.

2. .Topped taluk in 10th exam and got many awards for that. : : : : Chandrappa S 10-08-88 Indian English.Curious.Commited to work.Personal Information: Father’s Name Date of Birth Nationality Languages Known Strengths: 1. 2.consistant.Ability to successfully handle and deliver any task that is assigned to me despite of time constraints or resource crunch. Kannada Achievements: 1.Represented school team in badminton and cricket.Creative. Hindi.

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