November Announcements

Mrs. Boni Mrs. Sitler

End of 9 Weeks Survey & “Tests”
 Complete

survey about Sept/Oct assignments

Be honest please

 Complete

“test” for your level

Checking your knowledge and understanding of basic Photography concepts

1. Online Focus
 Level

2 – Camera Search

Download and complete Excel chart Save and submit as attachment

 Level
 

3 – Light Studio

Assist level 2 students in light studio Write about assistance in light studio

2. Proficiencies
 Level
 

2 – Light Studio

Will be guided by teacher in watching video and setting up lights in studio Work in groups of 3 to complete – each person needs own photos

 Level
 

3 – HDR

Will be guided by teacher to discuss Shoot with tripods and edit in Photoshop

3. Tutorials
 Level

2 – Tools and Colors

Save before and after for EACH tutorial

 Level

3 – Curves
before and after for EACH tutorial

 Save

4. Projects
 Level

2 – Garbage as Art

Find what looks like garbage or trash to others and make it look like art

 Level

3 – Choose Direction

Select what you want to shoot and edit Must take 25-30 photos Edit at least 10 in Photoshop

5. Event Shoots
 Fall


This weekend!

 Toys
 

for Tots

For one event shoot only Can purchase one large toy or 3 small toys

 Winter

Sports begin

Girls & Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Swim/Diving

6. Blogs
 Try

a mimic of cool photos from a link  Find one that you can re-shoot/edit  Save as JPEG  Insert and write about the process

7. Clean Up
 Clean

up will appear on second 9 weeks  End of 9 weeks is at end of October  Keep 10-15 or more photos from this month in “best work” folder  Print new photo for wall outside with name on it  Delete current month’s folder  Less than 1 GB in folder

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