Philanthropy Application

Chapter: ____________________________________________________________________
Name of Event: ______________________________________________________________
Entry Fee: _______________________
Description of Activities: (please include a stapled copy of the invitation to be sent out to Chapters, if available)


Beginning and Ending


Day 1 Date:

Day 2 Date:

Day 3 Date:

Day 4 Date:

Day 5 Date:

Dates of Philanthropy: _________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person Name:
Phone #: ____________________________
Date Submitted to IFC/PHC:

E-mail: ________________________________________
Date Approved by IFC/PHC:

I, ___________________________, have read and understand the IFC/Panhellenic Philanthropy Policy. I am submitting this form in
accordance with all the guidelines set by IFC/Panhellenic.


Any questions, please contact:
(IFC) Andrew Perez:
(Panhellenic) Lauren Richards:
***Form must be turned in to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (HUB 236) at least 2
weeks in advance for single day philanthropies and 4 weeks in advance for multiday
philanthropies. Turning in a form does not guarantee availability, so turn in forms well in
advance. Only one sorority and one fraternity philanthropy are allowed to take place on the
same day.

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