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Bluetooth TM USB Dongle

Bluetooth TM USB Dongle


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Published by Henri Ghattas
BluetoothTM USB Dongle application setup guide
BluetoothTM USB Dongle application setup guide

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Published by: Henri Ghattas on Jan 21, 2009
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Active Synchronization allows users to create a partnership between Bluetooth device and PDA.
After you create a partnership, the user can use ActiveSync to keep information up-to-date on both
devices. The configuration is as follows:

A desktop or laptop PC with an USB interface and the Windows 2000/XP/98SE/ME OS.

Attached USB Dongle on PC USB port.

Tested equipment: HP Jornada PDA 568.

Tested equipment: ANYCOM Bluetooth Compact Flash Card CF-2000.

All pictures were captured under Windows XP (English version only). For other OS, the
picture may be slightly different.

On PC Side

1. To verify active synchronization between Pocket PC and PC using USB port.
2. Right click the Bluetooth Configuration icon and select ‘Advance Configuration’. Select
Local Services tab and check COM Port item of Bluetooth Serial Port.(e.g.COM5)


3. Double click Microsoft ActiveSync in desktop. Choose File and select Delete Partnership.


4. Click YES.

5. Then click File and choose Connection Setting


6. Enable Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this COM port and choose COM Port
item (e.g. COM5). Disable Allow USB connection with this desktop computer. Then click

On Pocket PC (Jornada) Side

1. Plug-in Compact Flash Card to Jornada Pocket PC. (Note: Please ensure to install Bluetooth
software properly.)
2. On the Pocket PC, click on Start -> Programs and tap Bluetooth Wizard icon.


3. Select Serial Port Connection icon and tap Next.

4. Select COM6 and tap Next.


5. Select “Show all devices” radio button and click Search Again button.

6. When searching is completed, you will see the Bluetooth device in Bluetooth Wizard Window.
Then select HP-SAMBA/Bluetooth Serial Port item and click Next.


7. Click Finish.


8. Click on Start -> ActiveSync and click Tools -> Options.


9. Select BTActiveSync (COM6) item of ‘Enable synchronization when cradled using:’ then

click OK.

10. Click on Start -> BT ActiveSync. It is trying to connect with PC.

11. When Pocket PC is connecting to PC, the PC will display the Set Up a Partnership window.
Then click “Yes” radio button and click Next.


12. Click “Yes, I want to synchronize with only this computer” radio button and click Next.


13. Select the type of information you want to synchronize. Then click Next.

14. Click Finish.


15. When complete the setting between Pocket PC and PC, the function of ActiveSync starts to



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