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Citations: (R)682.805
AsOfDate: 12/31/97

Sec. 682.805 Sanctions for material misrepresentation.

(a) If at any time the Secretary determines that the submission for approval of a tax-exempt obligation or a Plan for Doing
Business contains or contained a material misrepresentation, the Secretary may to the extent provided in paragraph (b) of this

(1) Require reimbursement from the Authority of special allowance payments to the Authority or to any other party on loans made
or purchased with the proceeds of the issue with respect to which the misrepresentation was made; and

(2) Determine to be ineligible for special allowance payments any loans to be made or purchased by the Authority or any entity
acting for the Authority with the unexpended proceeds of the issue with respect to which the misrepresentation was made.

(b) If an Authority uses funds from sources other than a tax-exempt obligation to retire an issue with respect to which the
Secretary has determined that a material misrepresentation was made, the Secretary takes the adverse actions described in
paragraph (a) of this section only with regard to those special allowance payments which accrued earlier than ninety days before
that issue was retired.

(c) The Secretary's decision to require repayment of funds by an Authority, to withhold payments of special allowance, or to take
any of the actions in Sec. 682.804 does not become final until the Secretary provides the Authority with written notice of the
intended action and an opportunity to be heard thereon. However, the Secretary may withhold payments or suspend approval of
the Plan prior to giving notice and opportunity to be heard if the Secretary finds such emergency action necessary to prevent
substantial harm to Federal interests.

(d) Once final, the Secretary's decision to require repayment of funds or to take other remedial action against an Authority under
this section is conclusive and binding on the Authority.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1082, 1087-1)