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Client Details

1.Name of company : ROXY TRADERS

2.Type of legal entity : PARTNERSHIP

3.A/c no : 1298969
4.Any other group a/cs with us ?
If yes , pls provide a/c names and nos : NA

5.Business Existence (yrs) : 3 MONTHS

6.Business Line : FLOCK FABRICS
7.Nature of Business (which of these) : TRADING
Exporter / Manufacturer /
Trading / Importer / Other

8.Director / Partner / Proprietor Name : MOHD ISMAIL

9.Sales Tax Number : 19562006006

10.Income Tax Number (pls. attach copy) : AAJFR4129G
11.Importer Exporter Code Number (pls. attach copy): 0206025416

12.Turnover for last financial year (Rs Cr.) : NA

13.Profit After Tax for last financial year (Rs.Lacs) : NA
14.Depreciation for last financial year (Rs lacs) : NA

15.Main Banker (name & address) : ABN AMRO BANK, AZIMGANJ HOUSE

16.Any Credit facilities Availed (Y/N) : N

(If yes, NOC from existing banker)
(If no, written undertaking required)

17.Details of main supplier / buyer overseas :

Main banker’s name:
18.Is supplier / buyer / overseas customer
a regular party? (Y/N) : N
19.Business line of supplier / buyer : EXPORTER

We confirm that none of our promoters/directors feature in the RBI list of defaulters.

I hereby certify that the above information filled by me are true and correct"

Signed By ...............................
Proprietor/ Partner/ Director of …………………………………