Wednesday, October 17

“The Ramones are the latest bumptious bands of degenerate notalents whose most notable achievement to date is their ability to advance beyond the boundaries of New York City, and purely on the strength of a spate of convincing literature projecting the Ramones as God’s gift to rock music…. Musically, they do not deal in subtlety or variation of any kind, their rule is to be as incompetent as possible.”

1. Punking Out viewing. 2. Finish Ramones. 3. p. 24: fundamental difference between UK and USA punk was the latter’s optimism. 4. What is good—if anything—in writing about cultural phenomenon? Something like rock criticism, let’s say. Rombes, pp. 33 – 34. 5. Style pp. 54 – 58. 6. Fascist/Nazi imagery, pp. 49 – 62. 7. Work on ‘zines. Your writing today is to turn in a sketch of what your final project will be (‘zine, dongs, short video, etc.). 8. Paper #2 due tonight by midnight (or 11:59 p.m. if that makes it easier to remember). Please remember to follow the filename requirements. 9. For Monday: read according to revised schedule; listen to Chorus of One / Strike Anywhere; Damaged Goods / Gang of Four; Washington Bullets / The Clash for Mike’s analysis.

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