HUNTER’S ROOM - REY’S HOUSE - NIGHT Possessed Katie holds a crying Hunter. BLACK. IN 2011... THEY RETURN ALICE (O.S.) Alright, ready? WYATT (O.S.) Mhmmm! ALICE One…two… WYATT THREE! CLICK! A photo booth picture scans down. Alice and Wyatt’s friendly face all twisted from the stretch effect. WYATT (CONT’D) Again! ALICE Alright. One…two…three! CLICK! Another photo. More friendly than the last. WYATT Let’s do the x-ray effect! ALICE Alright…one…two… WYATT THREE! CLICK! Alice and Wyatt’s goofy faces are black and white, creepy-like. Behind them…stands a figure.

ALICE Alright, let’s do something else… WYATT One more time please!!! ALICE Last. Time. WYATT Mhmm! ALICE One… WYATT T-ALICE AHHH! THUD. THUD. THUD. ALICE (CONT’D) NOOOO!!!! WYATT ALICE NO! Loud SNARLING. CLICK! A fucked up scene. Alice head hangs on the table sideways, blood oozing out of h er lips. Wyatt’s leg’s on the table as his body rests on the floor. Between them is KATIE, wearing a bloody t-shirt and shorts with a knife in her. BLACK. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 COMING SOON

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