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1. Tick the things you need.

___ lettuce ___ pasta ___ hot water ___ fish ___ butter ___ chocolate

___ milk ___ coffee ___chicken ___ bread ___ ice cream ___ tea bag

2. How to prepare? Number the sentences.

___ Put some fish on the lettuce leaf. ___ Add some milk and stir. 1. Slice the bread. ___ Enjoy your meal! ___ Put some pepper on top. ___ Put a tea bag into the hot water. ___ Put some butter on the bread. ___ Wash a leaf of lettuce and put it on the bread.

3. What did Mr. Bean use instead of … a.) … a knife b.) … a pepper mill c.) … a kettle d.) … a bottle (milk) e.) … a kitchen towel … a feeding bottle … scissors and a credit card … a sock … a handkerchief and a shoe … a hot water bottle

(You can rewrite the instructions if you like). 3. 5. 2.) Play the video to show how Mr. Stop it after he has finished spreading the butter. 4. Go on like this until the end of the exercise and the video by stopping it at the right points. Make sure that they start with the sandwich. Make students do exercise 1. Ask them what they do first? (Slice the bread). Bean video – ‘How to make a good sammich’ 1.Instructions: For this worksheet you need a Mr. I hope you and your students will have fun! . Stop it after he has finished slicing. Ask your students: What do you do then? (Put some butter on the bread. The sentences can be either in the present or in the past. Bean is doing it. Bean video to show how HE is doing it. Students mach the items then make sentences about them. 6. Students do exercise 2. Do exercise 3. Then play the Mr. They must number the sentences. They must tick the ingredients of a sandwich and English tea (with milk).