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International marketing research
International marketing research

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Published by: Yash Singh on Oct 17, 2012
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Yash Vardan Singh Roll No – 59

• Founded in Sacramento, California, on April 30, 1954 • Second Shakey's Pizza Parlour opened in Portland, Oregon, in 1956 • Sale to Colorado Milling and Elevator in 1967 for $3 million • As of June 4, 2011, there are 58 Shakey's restaurants in the US

Devise a market research plan for entry of Shakey’s pizza in Indian Pizza market

Study marketing methods adopted by Shakey’s pizza internationally

Suggest a mode of entry in Indian pizza market

Analyse the current Food service industry in India

Find the factors those have been drivers for the growth of this industry

Make suitable suggestions and recommendation

Primary Research



Direct mail, telephone, or personal interviews.

Feedback forms

Secondary Reseach
•Growth trends in Indian food service today. •Increase in the size of my target market •Demographic profile of my target customer •Factors that influence the customer’s choice to eat at a certain QSR •New eating trends •Competition from other players in Indian Pizza market

• World Greatest Pizza • Famous Chicken and MOJO • Family Meals • Lunch Buffet

• $7.40 U.S. to $8.33 for a small pizza • About $25.93 U.S. for a large pizza • Discount Coupons

• Home delivery • Dine-in • Order online

• Partnered with Options Media Group on a comprehensive text messaging initiative to drive foot-traffic • one-day mobile coupon offer

•Great food at a reasonable price •Unhurried atmosphere conducive to couples, families or large groups •Sound financial situation and international turnover •Famous television advertising •Innovative range of pizzas under one roof

•Satisfaction of the pizzas is declining •Complex computer systems and internal conflicts from franchisees •lack of an organic pizzas •Absence of environment suitable for non-family customers •Conceptualization of the new product line and design prototype needed



•Can come up with innovative Pizzas, new flavours and recipes •Can open its restaurants in different countries that have potential customers •Introduce new, healthy and fresh food items related to pizza

•Rising competition from competitors : Dominos pizza, Mc Donald’s •Rising cheese costs threatening margins •Emergence of Affordable local restaurants

• Joint Ventures • Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

• Liaison Office/Representative Office • Project Office • Branch Office

• The size of the Indian food industry estimated at US$ 200 bn in the year 2006-07, is estimated to reach US$ 300 bn by 2015. • The food service industry has two distinct sectors - The organized segment and The unorganized segment.

• The market size of the food service sector is estimated to be $8.1 billion by 2013 and $9.6 billion by 2018. It is growing @ 5-6% per annum. • The organized segment of the restaurant industry, at 16-20% of the total industry is more than the organized segment of the retail industry.

• India is beginning to show up on the radar of the top food service chains and is likely to account for 10% of new unit growth in the next four to five years • 100% FDI is permissible in the sector under the automatic route

Demand Side Drivers

• Favourable demographics and growing working population • Growing disposable income • Increasing number of working women • Increasing urbanization • Growing Middle Class

Supply Side Drivers

• Diversification into multiple cuisines • Improved restaurant experience • Growth of tourism industry • India gaining attention of international players • Improving Retail Infrastructure: • Higher quality food for a health conscious consumer segment

Best mode of entry for shakey’s pizza to enter into Indian Pizza market is by signing a Joint venture with a Indian company After analysing Company’s marketing mix it was observed that the Pizza chain will be able to attain a sustainable growth in Indian Pizza market As the size of the Indian food industry estimated at US$ 200 bn in the year 2006-07, is estimated to reach US$ 300 bn by 2015 it has got a high potential for investment Growing disposable income and favourable demographics and growing working population to augment demand for food service chains along with other factors are the drivers of the growth in this industry

The total cost of the estimate of market research plan is about INR 435040


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