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English 140: The Teaching of Speaking Name of Requirement: Rating Speakers in an Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 1.

Photocopy the rubric into four copies for the four speakers. If you were one of the speakers, you have to rate yourself, too. 2. Deadline for this is on October 9, 2012, Tuesday. This will require you to rate your classmates who were part of the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest held last September 27, 2012. As English teachers in the future, you may have the chance to judge speaking contests which may require you to think critically in rating the speakers. Check the column which corresponds your rating. Make sure to give comments in the space provided after the matrix. Please rate honestly. Comments will be treated with confidentiality. Name of Speaker:_____________________________________________________ Extemporaneous Speaking Rubric Category Organization of Speech Introduction: Uses an attention getter, clearly states thesis, and preview the main points. Body: Body is well organized with transitions between main points. Conclusion: Reviews main points, restates thesis, wraps up speech with connection to the introduction. Body of Speech The points in the speech support the speakers thesis. The speaker used evidence to support their claims and cited their sources. The speaker referred back to the original thesis throughout their speech. Excellent 4 Good 3 Satisfactory 2 Needs Improvement 1 Tot al

Deliver The speaker was clear and easy to understand and hear. The speaker used a variety of pitch and pace to keep the speech engaging. The speaker used gestures and transitions effectively to add to the presentation. The speaker uses facial expressions and eye contact throughout the speech Miscellaneous The speech meets the required time limit. The speaker uses the correct level of notes. Total Score Comments: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Evaluator: ________________________________________ Signature: _____________________________