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Sarah Aurora W.

Tabada IV-Saturn January 31, 2011

English IV

Movie Review for The Phantom of the Opera

I really liked the movie especially its very dramatic plot about the love triangle between the Phantom, Christine and Raoul even though other critics would say that the movie would have done better if it stuck to the original story with the horror plot. The director and the producers did a great job in creating the wonderful effect of showing the past and present times in the movie. The visual effects did a great job of enhancing the scenes. Many emotions were depicted in the movie such as love, hate, anger and jealousy. There were many action scenes and dancing scenes but what I liked the most was the singing scenes because it is where I can really feel all the emotions the actors wanted the viewers to feel. It made me want to sing along with them and feel the emotions they felt. Though the actors did a good job in playing out their roles, I still felt that there was something missing in the way they acted. For Gerard Butler, the Phantom, he did a great job in depicting the phantom but his singing lacked emotion. For Christine (Emmy Rossum), she is a good singer but it was the expression on her face that was missing. From what I saw, she was only able to depict one emotion- sadness- when it should have expressed more emotions. Patrick Wilson, had a great voice and sang his lines well. And most of all, he had the attributes of a nobleman and he did a very great job in playing the role of Christines fianc and the Phantoms rival. Ultimately, I give a thumbs up to the movie for its wonderful, dramatic plot that was really very awe-inspiring even though it wasnt perfect. And it was for me, one of the best movies I ever saw and one that I wont likely forget.