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Customer Validation NYU BOOT CAMP 86 .

Thinning operations .Conventional vegetables Costs for service provision COGS seek a 50-60% Gross Margin Heavy R&D investment Service provision .Ag Service providers .Elimination We reduce operating cost .Customer Education .Eventually sell through dealers .Research Institutes (eg UC Davis.Mitigate labor availability concerns Direct .3-4 key farms .Alliance with service providers .Eventually move to asset sale .High density vegetable growers .Low density vegetable growers .Reduced risk of contamination . Laser Zentrum Hannover) .Autonomous weeding .Provide high quality service at competitive price Direct .Identification .Final .Charge by the acre with modifier according to weed density NYU BOOT CAMP 84 .Innovation .Labor reduction (100 to 1) .Dealer training Engineers on Machine Vision Two problems: .